The department aims to revitalize artistic, communicative, and cultural experiences of students by exposing them to a wealth of languages and literature from both local, regional and the world over.


By studying in the Department of Linguistics and Languages, you will come to appreciate how humans acquire language, how language and communication function, how to teach and learn foreign languages, how to translate languages, how to become a creative writer or literary critic and what it takes to be a performing artist. Our graduates will be skilled individuals with the ability to change the world through practical oriented solutions for:

  • Creative writing (novels, scripting films/plays, blogging, articles)
  • Working in speech and language pathology careers
  • Teaching (teaching English as a second language, teaching and learning of foreign languages, education)
  • Software development for education, industry, computer programmes such as games etc.
  • Translation/interpretation/adaptation of books
  • Foreign service/diplomacy
  • Media – print and electronic
  • Law
  • Business
  • Travel industry and hospitality
  • Intelligence service
  • Language preservation and linguistic fieldwork

The department of linguistics and languages therefore welcomes you to the exciting world of languages and culture so that together we can positively affect the way individuals, corporate or even governments communicate.